During the high profile Ten Commandments Monument trial, Connie led the prayer efforts for Chief Justice Roy Moore’s legal defense team.
It was odd because when she was much younger, she had worked very closely with individuals who were now involved in the case against him, including the plaintiff, Steven Glassroth. When she and Tim married, they moved to Texas, and after changing her heart, God returned the family to Alabama and centered her life within this pivotal point of America’s history.
When the decision was rendered to remove the monument and the man who installed it, all were stunned. This is America. They had had to walk past a bust of the Greek goddess themis to enter the federal courthouse where the case was litigated. Court had been opened with the cry, "All rise! ...God save the United States and this honorable court!" Many of the participants had taken their oaths of office on a Christian Bible. 
She questioned all the prayers…
Looking back at how far this nation has fallen within the past twelve years, she believes it was America that was on trial. God never rejected America, but America…
Almost every Tuesday, she and Melissa Ann can be found at the church across the street from the Alabama Supreme Court where the Ten Commandments were removed, meeting to pray for our nation's government officials with others who have been involved in this issue from then until now.
It's remarkable that the removal of the Ten Commandments monument occurred on the same street that the Civil War and Civil Rights movements were ignited. The historical events that have occurred within a three-mile radius stagger the imagination. Powers and principalities and rulers in heavenly realms?
She hopes to share more about this fascinating area in the future.
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