It's crucial that we get this one right because the Bible doesn't mince words...
"Work at living in peace with everyone,
and work at living a holy life,
for those who are not holy will not see the Lord."
Hebrews 12:14 NLT
​(New Testament)
Continually restate to yourself what the purpose of your life is. The destined end of man is not happiness, nor health, but holiness… The one thing that matters is whether a man will accept the God Who will make him holy. At all costs a man must be rightly related to God.
… God has one destined end for mankind, viz., holiness. His one aim is the production of saints. God is not an eternal blessing-machine for men; He did not come to save men out of pity: He came to save men because He had created them to be holy. The Atonement means that God can put me back into perfect union with Himself, without a shadow between, through the Death of Jesus Christ.
Never tolerate through sympathy with yourself or with others any practice that is not in keeping with a holy God. Holiness means unsullied walking with the feet, unsullied talking with the tongue, unsullied thinking with the mind – every detail of the life under the scrutiny of God. Holiness is not only what God gives me, but what I manifest that God has given me.
 Oswald Chambers
     From the New Testament...

... We are the temple of the living God.
As God has said, "I will live with them and walk among them,
and I will be their God, and they will be my people."
Therefore, "Come out of them and be separate, says the Lord.
Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you."
And, "I will be a Father to you,
and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty."
Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends,
let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit,
perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.
2 Corinthians 6:16-18, 7:1 NIV
please help us to avoid sin as we would avoid a plague, as it infects our hearts, our homes, our children, our realms of influence, and our prayers… Strengthen us to resist temptation.
Whenever we stumble or fall, Holy Spirit, disturb us so that we quickly repent. May we passionately turn, grasp the nail-scarred Hand of our Jesus Christ and walk faithfully and reverently wherever He may lead us.

please strengthen us to stand, firmly refusing to allow sin to control the way we live. By Your Holy Spirit strongly convict us that we not allow any part of our bodies, beginning in our hearts, our minds, and our tongues (those places where sin is conceived) to bring glory, satisfaction, or delight to our enemy, the devil. We long to be slaves of righteousness that we might do those things leading to holiness so that in our lives You may be honored and glorified.
(Inspired by Romans 6)

please help us to guard our hearts with all diligence as our heart affects everything we say and do. Help us to not sin with our tongues. When tempted, we invite You to put Your mighty Hand over our mouths and to saturate our hearts with a spirit of Grace.
We long to remain focused on You – our eyes looking straight ahead, pondering only the pathway You place before us. When confronted by wickedness, we ask that it be crushed under our feet, that all our ways may be established before You, that You may receive honor and glory and enjoy every victory over evil.
(Inspired by Proverbs 4:23-27, Romans 16:20)

Father God,
stir us from our slumber,
reminding us of the account
we shall someday give before You.
May this awareness
move us to a position
of desired and demanded holiness.
Every breath for Your honor and glory!

I ask for Your help to make me consistent in my walk with You. Others are quick to notice when I falter. I want my life to lead others deeper into Your Presence. I don’t mind their recognizing my humanness for I am a sinful being, but my wrestling and race to run to You with a repentant heart – this is what I long that my motives and actions communicate. I seek Your Grace and Guidance to this end, and for Your honor and glory I pray.

Father God,
I long to live in such a way that no one will be hindered from finding You by the way I act or words I speak. I want my conduct to honor You whether people love me or despise me, slander me or praise me. Fill me so full of Your Love and Compassion that as one sins against me, I do not sin against them and You by seeking vengeance or clinging to unforgiveness. This is a difficult thing for me, Lord. Please help me. I need You to help me.
(Inspired by 2 Corinthians 6)
Father God,
please grant us an overwhelming passion
for You, Your Word, and Holiness -
a passion that demands
every beat of our hearts,
every breath that we take,
every thought that our minds
will ever have the capacity to think.
May we live to love You
and to share Your Love with others...

please be with us always and give us the strength to maintain our integrity at all times, especially during occasions of difficulty and testing. It’s so easy to allow our emotions to overflow so that we do things that we do not desire to do and speak words that we should never speak. Help us to control anger at every point of conflict or opposition. Help us to maintain rule over our spirit at all times. Remind us to seize these occasions as opportunities  to honor You.
Please overflow our lives with Your Presence and Power as a water glass overflows with water spilling out on those around us. We desperately desire that our words or actions not cause anyone to stumble. And when we lay down the garment of selflessness to pick up the dirty robe of selfishness, Lord, please move us to repent and rend it quickly, taking prompt action to please and honor You.
Father, I dread the testing that attends such a prayer. But for my transformation, I pray…

help us to cling fast to You with all joy regardless of any circumstance we may ever be required to endure. Move us to faithfully imitate those who honor You with their actions, and to imitate You - Your Selflessness and Sacrifice - that we may be an example to others.
Turn our heads from every vain thing that serves only to draw us away from You and the calling You have placed upon our lives. May our countenance and conduct help reveal the futility of pursuing earthly treasures, moving others to follow hard after You.
(Inspired by I Thessalonians 1)

Master Potter,
when the vessel of who I am becomes hardened,
break me, melt me, mold me –
Your holiness touching my brokenness,
that I, too, may be holy.

If I speak with the languages of men and angels, but refuse to serve You by serving the world with selfless overflowing love, my voice is only loud, mechanical, and without harmony.
If I understand spiritual mysteries, and have faith commanding mountains to move but do not live to love, I have nothing and am nothing at all.
If I give all that You give me to feed others, and surrender my body for martyrdom, but refuse to love, my life and activities have no eternal significance.
Help me to suffer long and be kind, especially to those who oppose or oppress me. Help me to not behave rudely. Help me to quickly cast away every evil mental accusation, keeping no record of offenses. May I never rejoice over the sin or downfall of others. Help me to put up with anything, trust You completely, and faithfully pray for and lead all You place within my pathway closer to You.
(Inspired by I Corinthians 13:1-13)
whenever a vain or wicked thought dances through my mind, may Your Holy Spirit quickly move me to crush it with a holy meditation that You may take delight in being near to me. I fervently desire that You be beautifully woven into every daytime thought and every nighttime dream for You are my Passion.
O God,
let every beat of my heart
pound gently against The Cross,
until it breaks against It,
spilling forth Your Love.

Father God,
please grant me a tender conscience
so that I do not thoughtlessly injure others.
Remove unkind words and attitudes
far from me
so that the blessing of Your Presence
may be enjoyed
in all my relationships.

Lord God,
please grant us the attitude of Christ. May we not cling to and demand our rights or personal agendas, but rather assume a humble position of serving others in every circumstance.
Help us to be obedient even to the point of death.
May our key motives and causes always be to advance Your Gospel and Kingdom - for we know that someday every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth, and every tongue will confess that You are Lord to the glory of God the Father.
May this prayer resonate before Your Throne of Grace and bear much fruit for the honor of Your holy Name.
(Inspired by Philippians 2:5-11)

with Your Lips You called forth every detail of all creation. Yet it was also Your pleasure to make me a part of Your Plan. Take all of who I am and make me more like You… A heart fully surrendered to Your Will is all that I have to offer. For Your honor and glory may I be changed day by day and breath by breath until I stand in Your glorious Presence in Your eternal Kingdom.
In the holy and wonderful Name of my Lord, I pray.

You, O Lord,
You are my Father, I am the clay, and You are my Potter.
You have created so many wonderful things – painted sunsets, graceful trees, fragrant flowers, laughing babies… all for Your glory.
You are able to shape my life into something beautiful – something pleasing to You. Lord help me daily to yield to Your Touch that my life may be a vessel of honor and praise, in which You take delight.
(Inspired by Isaiah 64:8)

make me a sanctuary
wherein You delight
to dwell…    

Abba Father,
make us
more like You.
We ascribe to You the glory due Your Name.
Offering our lives, we enter Your courts,
worshiping You in the beauty of holiness.
Tremble before Him, all the earth,
for You will Judge every nation and individual
with perfect Justice.
(Inspired by Psalm 96:9)

I offer You
the pieces
of my brokenness
and most humbly request
that You receive them
to rearrange
my life
as You so desire.
I long to be
wholly dedicated to You.

…throw off your old sinful nature and your former way of life,
which is corrupted by lust and deception.
Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.
Put on your new nature, created to be like God—
truly righteous and holy.
So stop telling lies. Let us tell our neighbors the truth,
for we are all parts of the same body.
And “don’t sin by letting anger control you.”
Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry,
for anger gives a foothold to the devil.
If you are a thief, quit stealing. Instead,
use your hands for good hard work, and then
give generously to others in need.
Don’t use foul or abusive language.
Let everything you say be good and helpful,
so that your words will be an encouragement
to those who hear them.
And do not bring sorrow to God’s Holy Spirit by the way you live.
Remember, he has identified you as his own,
guaranteeing that you will be saved on the day of redemption.
Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander,
as well as all types of evil behavior. Instead,
be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another,
just as God through Christ has forgiven you.
Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do,
because you are his dear children.
Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ.
He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us,
a pleasing aroma to God.
Let there be no sexual immorality, impurity, or greed among you.
Such sins have no place among God’s people.
Obscene stories, foolish talk, and coarse jokes—
these are not for you. Instead,
let there be thankfulness to God.
You can be sure that no immoral, impure, or greedy person
will inherit the Kingdom of Christ and of God.
For a greedy person is an idolater,
worshiping the things of this world.
Don’t be fooled by those who try to excuse these sins,
for the anger of God will fall on all who disobey him.
Don’t participate in the things these people do.
For once you were full of darkness,
but now you have light from the Lord.
So live as people of light! For this light within you produces
only what is good and right and true.
Carefully determine what pleases the Lord.
Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness;
instead, expose them.
It is shameful even to talk about the things
that ungodly people do in secret.
But their evil intentions will be exposed when the light shines on them,
for the light makes everything visible. This is why it is said,
“Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead,
and Christ will give you light.”
So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools,
but like those who are wise.
Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.
Don’t act thoughtlessly,
but understand what the Lord wants you to do.
Ephesians 4:22-5:17 NLT
 ​Grab a Bible and keep reading…

And a highway will be there;
it will be called the Way of Holiness;
it will be for those who walk on that Way.
Isaiah 35:8 NIV