please grant us
an unrelenting passion
for You, Your Word,
Your Will,
Your Wisdom, Your World,
and holiness...
He will.
Do you watch a thirty minute television show, turn it off during the first commercial, watch the next segment the following day, stopping at a commercial, turning back the following day? When reading a book, do you start at the fifth chapter?
I tried reading the Bible this way, stopping when I reached a chapter reference or flipping to the middle of a book, and then wondered why I couldn't understand it. I would pull out a verse that encouraged me, but after reading it in context, I frequently learned it was more powerful than I originally thought, or that it meant something entirely different.
So instead of reading a chapter or two, try reading at least thirty minutes a day - the length of a sitcom. Except for reference or memorization, ignore the chapter and verse notations and simply read as many pages in sequence as possible during the time you have available.
Be warned, as you ask God to give you passion for His Word, it becomes highly addictive in a delightful way.